Best Flooring Solutions

Care Instructions

Follow these simple steps to keep your floors looking amazing.

Dry mop your floor on a regular basis

Dry mopping gets the gritty dirt that can ruin a finish. Purchase the best quality dry mop you can. Use a dry mop on newly finish floors for the first month. No wet mopping is preferred.

Wipe up spills quickly

Leaving spills on the finish for an extended amount of time can harm the finish. To keep your floors looking the best wipe up spills as soon as possible.

NEVER wet mop your floor

Water and moisture are the biggest enemies of wood. Wet clean your floors only when its ABSOLUTELY necessary. Spraying Bona Cleaner lightly on the floors is the best option. We recommend use of only Bona cleaner for your Bona Finish.

Never use these products

Oil soaps, waxes, lemon products, ammonia. All of these products can damage your floors finish.

Floor protectors

To protect your floors from heavy furniture, we always recommend buying felt protectors on all of the legs of your furniture.

Trimming your pets' nails

ets nails can damage wood floor finishes. It is important that you trim their nails and file them too to avoid sharpness.


3-4 hours: Floor may be walked on with stocking feet only, depending on conditions
72 hours: Lift and place furniture back on the floor - DO NOT DRAG. Use felt floor protectors on all items that come in contact with floor
72 hours: Floor may be cleaned using Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner and a Bona Microfiber Mop. Place walk-off mats and area rugs on floor. If possible please wait 4 weeks before placing area rugs and Mats back on the floor.