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Premium, quality flooring at a competitive price. When it comes to hardwood floor installation near Longmont, CO, there is no better choice – it’s in the name!

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Flooring solutions for Longmont, CO and beyond

Not only is finding the right flooring for the various spaces in your home difficult but finding the right company to install flooring is even more challenging. Your flooring is a big expense, given it flows through your entire home, and even more than the expense, it is very apparent if something is wrong with your flooring – the mistake is on display for everyone to see, every day.

Due to the importance of quality flooring and installation, finding an experienced company you can trust with your home is a top priority. When it comes to any of your flooring needs, look no further than Best Flooring Solutions.

With our dedicated experience and pride in our work, we support our clients through every step of flooring replacement, repairs, or refinishes. With us handling your flooring project, you get to see the difference our approach, service, and knowledge has first-hand – resulting in beautiful flooring throughout your home (without breaking your budget).

When it comes to hardwood floor installation, Colorado has countless flooring companies you could potentially partner with for your project, but no two flooring companies will be able to give you the same experience and quality. At Best Flooring Solutions, our expertise separates us from the other flooring companies in the Longmont area.

We have the insight that enables us to properly install and refinish hardwood flooring. Refinishing hardwood to revive a space takes a careful approach – something that can only be done well by a team that cares about the character of the flooring.

Not only do we install and refinish hardwood flooring, but we install tile (flooring, backsplash, showers, etc.), prefinished flooring, luxury vinyl tile, and carpet. Check out our list of services below to learn more about how we can help you transform your home.


Hardwood Flooring Refinishing

Installing hardwood is one thing, but refinishing it takes an entirely different set of skills. Hardwood flooring is stunning, but it’s delicate. Over time, with day-to-day damage, hardwood is bound to need refinishing. Doing so isn’t as simple as sanding and re-staining. Given hardwood is so fragile, especially when you are using a tool like a sander on it, making a mistake that can lead to flooring replacement is far too easy unless you have a careful, patient, process focused on nothing more than reviving your stunning, original, hardwood flooring. Best Flooring Solutions ensures we preserve your original flooring – using it to bring the space back to life.

New Floors

Hardwood Flooring Installation

As mentioned previously, hardwood is a much more fragile flooring than something like carpet or vinyl. One mistake in the installation process means wasted material – something completely avoidable with an experienced installation team handing the project. Beyond that, different spaces require differing installation techniques, which is something that is learned through experience in the industry. Not every hardwood floor installation company will have the insight to recommend different patterns to homeowners when they are assessing a space, which could take away from the overall beauty of the install in the long run. We understand how to keep hardwood flooring flowing seamlessly through your entire home, while making strategic adjustments based on the space itself. No two homes are the same, so no two flooring installations should be the same, either.

Floor Tile

Tile Flooring Installation

Certain spaces in a home are prone to more moisture or exposure to the elements, so hardwood or carpet aren’t the best flooring choice everywhere. Tile is one of the most durable floorings you can have in your home – perfect for places like bathrooms, laundry rooms, and entryways to prevent against any potential damage or warping (like hardwood would be prone to in those spaces). If you want your tile flooring to be installed right the first time, without the need for a call back to fix small mistakes that stemmed from a lack of attention to detail, you need Best Flooring Solutions by your side. With our keen eye and experienced approach, your tile installation will be flawless.

Prefinished Floors

Prefinished Flooring Installation

All flooring requires a gentle approach in the installation process, but prefinished flooring calls for an even more careful installation. Prefinished flooring is a fantastic way to see exactly the color and shade of your new flooring before it’s even installed, but small mistakes in installation will require touch-ups anywhere the flooring was damaged, which could take away from the seamless look throughout your flooring. With our team of professionals, your prefinished flooring will be installed with care – guaranteeing flooring that perfectly flows through your entire home.

Vinyl Tile

Luxury Vinyl Tile Installation

If you are looking for increased durability with your flooring, perfect for animal lovers, vinyl tile may be the ideal flooring for you. It offers the same luxury aesthetic and feel as many other types of flooring, without the potential for damage when your furry loved ones run through your home. Beyond that, vinyl tile is a fantastic choice for full households where spills are more likely – leaving room for water damage on traditional hardwood flooring (which is must more susceptible to damage). If you want the look of luxury flooring, without the higher risk for damage, vinyl tile installed by our team of pros is perfect for your home.


Carpet Installation

Carpet is an ever-favorite in homes, particularly in spaces where hard flooring is less ideal for your family. It’s easy to assume carpet is the easiest of the various types of flooring to install, and it’s certainly simpler than many floorings, but there are still small details that require an expert touch to ensure the best installation – an installation without inconsistencies in texture or capet that lifts from your floor. Let us help you install beautiful, comfortable, carpet that lasts!

Whatever your flooring needs, Best Flooring Solutions is the company you want overseeing your project. With a high-level of flooring experience in the Longmont area, and a strong passion for our work, we ensure you get beautiful results without burdening your finances. Reach out to us today for a quote!